Chef / Owners

Mrs. Chotinun Grueninger (Khun Pang) and her husband Mr. Neil Grueninger founded TongPhoon Thai Restaurant on April 03, 2007, not too far from their home in Red Bud, IL. It has been Khun Pang’s dream to open a restaurant of her own utilizing her cooking skill and récipes that she inherited from her mother. Ever since she was a little girl in Khon Kaen Province in Thailand, Khun Pang developed her cooking skill from helping her mother with household chores just like most Thai young girls including preparing meals everyday for the family of 8 siblings.

As she grew older and moved to the city of Bangkok to further her study at Ramkhamhaeng University, she gets to work part time in many restaurants as well as taking cooking classes from celebrated and renowned chefs in Bangkok. After graduation, she works briefly as an insurance agent at Bangkok Life Insurance and also helped out a relative who owns a restaurant in Petchaboon province before emigrated to the USA.

Over here in the US, Khun Pang expanded her experience as a chef utilizing her skill and worked as a cook in various Thai restaurants throughout the country from Kentucky (Thai Smile) to Washington D.C.(Sala Thai). In 2006, she met with Mr. Neil Grueninger through a friend and they got married and started their life together in Red Bud, IL. Soon after, they found a perfect location for their dream restaurant and TongPhoon was Founded on April 03, 2007.

TongPhoon Restaurant has become Metro East’s Favorite Thai restaurant and has countless regular customers as well as tourists who came to visit St. Louis City from all over the country. The owners and the staff work really hard to provide the guests with amazing Thai Food with warm and friendly atmosphere and are proud to be a part of small business community here in Farview Heights, IL.